Destination Manager

Selina - เชียงใหม่

Who we are

Our Mission is to inspire authentic and meaningful connections.

Selina was born out of a desire to celebrate the nomadic lifestyle: to Destination, our planet’s most beautiful places, to build community, to engage with locals and fellow travellers, to work and enjoy new adventures.

What the role is

The Location Destination Manager/Supervisor will lead the Destination Strategy implementation at the unit level by bringing the location's concept to life, ensuring we deliver memorable experiences to our guests, visitors, and staff aligned with our brand and mission.

This role will be successfully executed by managing all the content, programming design and execution at the location working hand in hand with internal and external parties, managing the required support from other departments' staff and in close relation with the Country Destination Director.

The Location Destination Manager/Supervisor will perform a variety of tasks from the early stages of property evaluation to managing quality control, stakeholder engagement and constant improvements for concept activation, programming and supporting the success of Selina’s commitment to social responsibility in the company Culture and ESG programmes through impact and culture activations as part of the monthly programming.

The key to excelling in this role is to be well-organized, to have great time management skills, strategic creativity and critical observation skills.

What you will be doing

Concept & Brand activation [40%]

  • Ensure all products are activated through programming with a clear commercial focus
  • Deliver diverse programming that drives both high revenue and high experience into the location with a planning time spamming 3 months in advance
  • Source programming partners working with the Selina Exchange Program and Connectors
  • Own the Concept Book of the location to be constantly updated and shared with other leaders as the basis to build the Destination
  • Own unit-level implementation of the music strategy by properly running the official Selina playlist, controlling the right volume and music selected throughout the day.
  • Plan and deliver the Welcome Drink with the support of other managers of the location on a mandatory daily basis.
  • Plan and ensure the free wellness activities for Guests and Connectors are implemented on a mandatory daily basis.
  • Support location management to source and curate unique local experiences and suppliers to enrich the tours and retail offer
  • Ensure and constantly control that all the Destination Non-Negotiables are correctly implemented
  • Assist Destination Director in managing the relationship with unit-level Experience Board at their weekly location visits
  • Be te point of contact for Country Experience Board when on site

Guest Experience [20%]

  • Perform the Destination Checklist on daily basis
  • Own Destination Index at unit level
  • Train and communicate DI results to location leaders
  • Analyse and monitor DI results of the property on a weekly and monthly basis to understand scores and pain points
  • Drive continuous improvement by carefully monitoring, reporting and executing upon results of Voice of Customer analisys
  • Create an action plan to achieve targets of Guests, Visitor and Connector Scores, and coordinate between relevant departments to implement the actions at unit level
  • Respond to guest & visitor feedback during & post-stay (face to face, reviews and surveys)
  • Report action plans to Global Experience team with Destination Director on the monthly Close the Loop calls
  • Perform constant and frequent room audits of your location ensuring compliance of non negotiables and taking action when necessary
  • Be present during check-in times to assist front desk staff on promoting programming, making a smooth check in process and excellent first impression
  • Be present during check-out time to receive feedback from guests and compensate immediately in case of bad experience issues.

Communication [20%]

  • Monitor and implement the location communication strategy compliance
  • Own the physical communication on location (brand & marketing guidelines) in its proper implementation and constant update
  • Design and print all on-site marketing materials (programming, T&T, G&G, Retail, F&B)
  • Upload 30 DAY Programming via APP/WEB ensuring compliance of TripleSeat guidelines before the 15th of the month
  • Manage and facilitate communication within location’s and Guest WhatsApp groups according to global guidelines
  • Upload brand approved images/videos of the location to Selina Asset Bank
  • Manage relationships and constant communication with unit-level partners, community leaders and organizations to support brand awareness, programming communication and sustainability of close relationships with the local circle

Management [10%]

  • Actively collaborate with General Manager in daily stand up meetings and mentor all locations’ managers on the Destination OKRs
  • Provide team leadership, mentorship and supervision to location-based staff for Destination metrics success
  • Leverage and collaborate with global teams (operations, hr, legal, culture) to ensure accountability and compliance on Destination Strategy metrics and projects
  • Manage efficiently the monthly programming budget
  • Attend to weekly team meetings and monthly performance review global meetings
  • Support on the preparation of presentations and reports of the location for performance review

Culture & Impact [10%]

  • Ensure the Selina Blueprint is represented within the location by doing Blueprint full activations and monthly Blueprint activities during family dinners
  • Implement Impact Programming
  • Manage local community relations (stakeholder engagement), local community rating surveys, impact programs and SGB Hospitality Program and compliance with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) assessments and action plan
  • Lead staff, guests and local community relations & engagement with Impact programming
  • Supports staff to complete company commitment of 2% of work time donated to communities and in the completion of the monthly culture survey



  • Review day metrics: DI + Trevpob | 15 Minutes
  • Plan your day with a helpful to-do list. E.g. The Eisenhower matrix | 15 Minutes
  • Review all new emails and follow up on pending conversations | 45 Minutes
  • Support GM on Daily stand up meetings | 15 Minutes
  • Complete Daily Destination Checklist during the property walk | 60 Minutes
  • Audit 3 to 5 rooms per day using the Non-negotiables Book | 45 Minutes
  • Be present at the reception during check out hours (11:00 AM) | 45 Minutes
    Receive feedback from guests and compensate immediately in case of bad experience issues.


  • Time to review emails, computer tasks and answer reviews & guest surveys | 60 Minutes
    Be 100% compliant on daily response rate
  • Be present at the reception during check-in hours (3:00 PM) | 45 Minutes
    Assist front desk staff in promoting Welcome Drink and programming, making a smooth check-in process and excellent first impression
  • Implement the Welcome drink | 30 Minutes
  • Talk to minimum 5 guest & walk around the property with critical observation | 30 Minutes
  • Host or support the implementation of programming | | 60 Minutes


  • Create your weekly programming poster, place at all communication boards and & send it to the location WhatsApp group chats | 40 Minutes
  • Design programming, F&G and general communication posters and make design requests for other formats and marketing campaigns as needed. | 60 Minutes
  • Prepare and attend to the Country Destination weekly meeting | 90 minutes
  • Follow up on RECAP tasks and plan for next week’s meeting | 30 Minutes
  • Review DI scores & guest feedback review with location leaders | 30 Minutes
  • Implement a culture/impact activity for guests and connectors | 60 Minutes


  • Plan your 90 day programming and review the monthly budget with GM | 60 minutes
  • Coordinate with third parties for programming implementation (dates, hours, payments and communication) | 60 minutes
  • Assist to Leadership Bi-weekly Calls | 90 minutes
  • Update tripleseat compliant with standards for the next month's activities | 60 minutes
  • Update Programming presentation for weekly Destination team meetings | 30 Minutes
  • Implement a family lunch + Blueprint activity | 90 Minutes
  • Complete location Destination slides for Country team 1:1 meeting | 60 minutes
  • Attend Country team 1:1 meeting | 45 Minutes
  • Report on Culture & Impact activities | 15 Minutes
  • Review monthly Destination Performance report, identify main pain points and define action plan with location leaders | 90 Minutes
  • Follow up on Experience Board weekly visits & ongoing partnerships with Destination Director | 60 Minutes

What you need for the role

  • Minimum 3 years of experience developing and managing communication and marketing strategies
  • Previous experience in hotels, restaurants, programming, lifestyle products and marketing of events is an advantage
  • Background or exposure to PR, and brand management
  • Experience in team management and multi-project management
  • Experience with event production, retail, design, and festivals is an advantage.
  • Must speak English and the local language of the country of application.
  • Experience managing, coordinating and reporting through digital communication platforms
  • Grassroots experience working in multicultural environments with a diverse group of local and global stakeholders
  • Proven ability to get results in managing marketing and brand awareness strategies
  • Experience in managing community relations
  • Skilled in fiscally responsible budget management
  • Ability to analyze data and create impact analysis
  • Microsoft Office and Google G-Suite proficiency
  • Strong analytical and creative attitude
  • Detail oriented
  • Vision oriented
  • Ability to network and negotiate
  • Avid self-learner
  • Experience in group facilitation/ education
  • Mentoring/leadership training experience
  • Ability to work independently, set priorities and manage a fast-paced and constantly changing environment
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and the language of the country of aplication
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills
  • Trustworthiness
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Frustration and Stress Management
  • Enjoys being part of and motivating a team to work at the highest level

Shared KPIs with Destination Director

  • Maximize Revenue
  • Be the Place to Stay for Visitors, Hotel Guests, & Connectors
  • Monthly Destination Index targets:
    • DI score: 3.7
    • Visitors NPS: 50
    • Visitors surveys (quantity): 30
    • Guests NPS: 50
    • Online Reputation Index: 87%
    • Guest Made Friends: 60%
    • Programming Quality: 80%
    • Destination Rating: 80%

Shared KPIs with General Manager

  • Average F&B visitor revenue per day (Target = Budget)
  • Average F&B guest revenue per day (Target = Budget
  • Product Standard Compliance >90%
  • Brand compliance 90%

Culture & Impact

  • 4 impact programming per location per month (12 per quarter)
  • 6 partnerships per quarter
  • 125 hospitality programme beneficiaries per quarter
  • 5 stakeholders interviewed quarterly

What can you expect

  • Competitive salary
  • No dress code
  • Pet-friendly (as long as your pet is friendly)
  • Multiple online training opportunities
  • Cultural events and wellness activities at Locations. Volunteering with Selina Gives Back; because sharing is caring
  • Huge Selina experience discounts on your stay, food & fun for you AND your friends & family (you can expect to become even more popular among your friends)
  • Have your birthday off
  • Amazing referral program with cash and global holiday packages; we know you hang out with other great people
  • Extra country-specific benefits; we can tell you more during the application process
Attention - In the recruitment process, legitimate companies never withdraw fees from candidates. If there are companies that attract interview fees, tests, ticket reservations, etc. it is better to avoid it because there are indications of fraud. If you see something suspicious please contact us: [email protected]
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